Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Baidu Tops 2005 China Search Market in Terms of Traffic

From iResearch:

"According to the latest release of iResearch, the concentration degree of 2005 China search market in terms of traffic has increased a lot compared to that of 2004. Specifically, the sum of Baidu share and Google share increase from 55.5% of 2004 to 73.4% of 2005."

"Baidu still tops among all operators in terms of search traffic with 46.5% market share, which also achieve a lot increase from 2004. Therefore, Baidu has expanded its leadership position in the China search market. Google (26.9%) now ranks the second, which was the No.3 in 2004. Yahoo (including its Chinese subsidiaries) ranks the third, and its traffic share decreases from 30.2% of 2004 to 15.6%, losing its second place position."

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At 11:10 AM, Blogger Ceta Mac said...

Internet is the big market, and you can not divide it into pieces according to geography as what you do in traditional market. Except for information is blocked factitiously then lead to unfair business competition, and that’s the only reason I think why could actually sweep Google in CHINA searching engine market.


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