Monday, January 23, 2006

Baidu Will Continue to Lead Google in China This Year

From Interfax China:

"NASDAQ listed Inc., the largest online search engine operator in China, will continue to lead China's search engine market despite strong competition from Google, Yang Weiqing, General Manager of IT research firm iResearch, told Interfax.

"It will not be easy for Google to pull Baidu off its dominant position in China because Baidu still enjoys advantages over Google in quite few aspects," Yang said Friday. "Compared with foreign companies, Baidu has more support from the Chinese government. The business environment here is more suited for domestic enterprises."

"Yang said. "Advantages in brand recognition, user base, and market share that Baidu currently has will help the company continue to lead in China." "

Market share for search engines in China during 2005:

1 Baidu 46.5%
2 Google 26.9%
3 Yahoo/Yisou/3721 15.6%
4 Sohu/Sogou 2.7%
5 Zhongsou/HC360 2.4%
6 Sina/iAsk 1.6%

Source: iResearch

Google Poses Strong Challenge to Leader Baidu in China


At 7:57 AM, Anonymous jeremi said...

I'm not chinese, but i'm student in china since 3 month.
I think, it's not so simple for google to take the place of Baidu.

first and the most important, in baidu, you can easily find music and video (try king kong). Google can't allow this. Just this is I think a big part of baidu's traffic.

second, google is slower than baidu, I think because theirserver are outside china.

At 12:10 AM, Blogger Brian said...

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