Saturday, January 28, 2006

Google Is Destined To Fail In China

From ChinaTechNews:
By Perry Wu

"Google seems to think that it can not rule the world without having a firm grip over China's Internet population. And that probably won't happen any time soon. (...) Google's inability to succeed in China (...) resides in it not being a Chinese company."

"Cadres are rolling over in their graves about how money-hungry Chinese society has become, but there is still fear among all Chinese Internet companies that they do not want to grow too big and become the sole titan in the industry. Titans fall hard in China, so oligarchy reins in the veins of Internet entrepreneurs (as much as they hate to admit it). Will Google be happy as an equal among giants, or does it need to tower over the Chinese firms? It can't be an equal, and its China-confused foreign investors won't let it."

"But in China, rival Internet companies have developed a symbiotic relationship. Sohu, Sina, and Netease all provide pretty much the same services and they all developed along the same faddish tracks: first, a portal with free email; second, news and community; third, wireless/SMS/MMS content; and now, online gaming. There is always talk of one of these three buying the other, but not much happens."

"For those armchair Sinologists uncomfortable with Google censoring content, rest assured that the company is not really welcome in China and thousands of years of history show that it can't last long here either. "


At 7:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Rest assured that the company (Google) is not really welcome in China"

What data do you have to prove that???

Google does not have to dominate in China to be successful. Its current position is just fine.
Google's technology gives it a leg up on the competition.


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