Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Google Strong In China Search War

Press Release

Google Poses Strong Challenge to Leader Baidu in China

"A groundbreaking new study from Keynote Systems, (...), shows Google in a strong position to challenge Baidu in the Chinese search engine market despite the distinct brand recognition and market share advantages Baidu currently holds in that market."

"The Keynote study showed that Chinese consumers, once they are exposed to Google, have an overwhelmingly positive search experience on the site and generally prefer that site as compared to competitors in the market. Baidu is currently the preferred search engine brand of 48% of Internet users, according to the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC)."

"Google topped the Keynote Customer Experience Rankings, an aggregate ranking of the consumer appeal of leading Chinese search engines based on an analysis of the 250 metrics measured during the study. In fact, Google outperformed its competitors in 11 of the 13 business success drivers measured in the study, including those for general search, news search and image search. But Alibaba/Yahoo! and Baidu were close competitors with Google in more than half of the 13 business success driver categories studied. Baidu ranked highest with consumers in the music search category, while Alibaba/Yahoo! was first for help and instructions. "


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