Thursday, October 06, 2005

Largest Linux Desktop Roll-Out in China's History

From LinuxElectrons: Sun Wah Linux Chosen by Chinese Government for the Largest Linux Desktop Roll-Out in China's History

"Six PC makers, including Haier and Founder, announced yesterday that they have won contracts to provide a total of 141,624 PCs to the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education for an educational program called, "School-to-School Project." At the same time, Sun Wah Linux's Debian-based Chinese Operating System RAYS LX was also chosen as the operating system used in all 141,624 PCs."

"Through the School-to-school project education campaign, approximately 90% of schools in China will be connected via the Internet by 2010, subsidized by the Ministry of Education. In a nutshell, this initiative is prompting schools to become computerized by adopting price competitive advanced technologies and quality products. The campaign is proof of the Chinese government's commitment in lifting the standard and quality of its education through the use of information technology.

With more than 140,000 PCs, the 2005 Jiangsu School-to-School Project is the largest-ever purchase project in China Education Industry, which is also the biggest government purchase project this year. In addition, the deployment of Sun Wah Linux's RAYS LX marks the largest-ever Linux deployment in China."


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