Friday, September 30, 2005

UTStarcom Earns Top Product Rating in IP DSLAM Competitive Analysis

From Yahoo Finance (Press Release): UTStarcom Earns Top Product Rating in Heavy Reading IP DSLAM Competitive Analysis

"UTStarcom, Inc. (Nasdaq: UTSI), (...) today announced that the company's AN-2000(TM) B1000 IP DSLAM ranked first in four of the nine categories evaluated for Heavy Reading's IP DSLAM Competitive Analysis. Based on Heavy Reading's recent report, UTStarcom holds the top-rated product in these categories: Central Office (CO) IP DSLAM, Large OSP IP DSLAM, Combined IP DSLAM/Routers/B-RAS, and OSP Combined IP DSLAM/Router/B-RAS. Additionally, UTStarcom's Universal Broadband Server FiberNode(TM) (UBS 4848-1GE) placed second in the OSP Sealed-Unit IP DSLAM category."

"Our IP DSLAM report presents one of the most detailed, comprehensive competitive analysis of IP DSLAMs to date. We evaluated 50 different IP DSLAM products from 19 manufacturers and ranked UTStarcom's AN-2000 B1000 as the clear leader in four distinct categories based on performance scalability and the breadth of its feature set," said Graham Beniston, analyst at large at Heavy Reading."

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