Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Microsoft Finds New Appetite for China Software

From cnet.news: Microsoft finds new appetite for China software

"Microsoft has stirred to life in China with a string of small but pivotal deals in the past months after years of seeming slumber as the Asian country's market began to mature."

"In the latest, Microsoft said Monday that it and International Finance, the World Bank's private sector arm, would together invest $35 million in software maker Chinasoft International.

In May, Microsoft announced the creation of two ventures for its MSN Internet service in China, saying the development would allow it to offer services running "the full gamut of a true Internet portal" in the market--including services targeted at China's 370 million mobile phone users.

In June, the company unveiled plans to team with Indian software outsourcing leader Tata Consultancy and several Chinese partners to form an IT outsourcing firm, which the investors hoped would serve as a model for Chinese firms hoping to replicate India's outsourcing success.

And in July, Microsoft agreed to invest $25 million in Hong Kong-listed Lang Chao International, a unit of a larger Chinese software maker."

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