Friday, September 30, 2005

ZTE Aims to Penetrate North American Market

From Light Reading: ZTE Talking to Tellabs, Ciena

" ZTE Corp. has held discussions with at least two big US telecom equipment vendors -- Tellabs Inc. and Ciena Corp. -- in hopes of broadening its reach outside of China, Light Reading has learned.
A well placed source close to Tellabs says ZTE has met with the company several times since Supercomm. It's not clear that the two firms have seriously discussed a merger, but our source says an OEM deal between ZTE and Tellabs would help both companies gain market share outside their respective home countries."

"(...) ZTE, (...) has made it clear that it aims to penetrate the North American market and sell to Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 carriers -- both wireless and wireline. The company has been steadily building its presence in the states and now has between 80 and 100 employees between its Dallas, New Jersey, and San Diego offices.

The company's international (non-China) revenues jumped by more than 100 percent for the first half of this year. But that's just the first part of its plan. The rest of it appears to involve some key strategic partnerhips, much like the ones it has already forged with Alcatel and Ericsson AB."

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