Monday, October 10, 2005

Powerful Jack Ma

From ShanghaiDaily:

"Thanks to a US$1 billion investment from Yahoo! China, Jack Ma, the founder of is not just one of the richest men on China's mainland, he is also one of the most powerful. The 41-year-old is listed sixth on British researcher Rupert Hoogewerf's list of the most powerful people on the mainland — a list that only includes business owners. The list, which will be published in Hoogewerf's business magazine "Hurun Report," is drawn from his annual China rich list, which will be released tomorrow."

" "We never expected Yahoo! would put all its resources in China into Alibaba. It is probably the largest single transaction that has ever happened in China," Hoogewerf told Shanghai Daily. Alibaba's transaction with Yahoo! is reportedly worth more than US$4 billion."

Read more:
China's New Internet King: Alibaba CEO Jack Ma


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