Monday, September 05, 2005

Microsoft China Claims to Gain Ground against Linux in China

From The Seattle Times: Microsoft gains ground against Linux in China

"Stories about Microsoft losing ground to Linux in China are overblown, says Tim Chen, chief executive of Microsoft China. Instead, Microsoft likes to cast gains against Linux as evidence that China's technology industry is maturing and moving toward the proprietary-software approach championed by Microsoft."

"Three of Asia's leading Linux vendors, including Beijing-based Red Flag Software, recently released a new version of their Asianux 2.0 server platform. But Chen asserts that Microsoft is gaining ground in the country's booming business-software market, and said changes are under way."

"But it's not just small, local Linux companies Microsoft is battling. IBM, a key supporter of open-source business-software products, in February announced plans to expand its presence in China with an "innovation center" staffed with Linux experts who will help local software companies develop and test their products.
IBM asserts that the Chinese government is moving away from, not toward, proprietary-software products like Microsoft's. According to IDC statistics cited by IBM, the Chinese government last year was the largest user of Linux and accounted for 28 percent of Linux server sales."

Interview with Tim Chen, chief executive of Microsoft China

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