Wednesday, February 16, 2005

China's Greatest Tech Myths - IBM-Lenovo deal, Linux, Piracy

From ChinaTechNews: China's Greatest Tech Myths
By Steven Schwankert

1. The IBM-Lenovo deal represents the arrival of Chinese companies on the international stage
"What few seem to consider is that Lenovo did not go to IBM with the intention of buying its PC division. IBM decided to axe the increasingly commoditized businesses because, as former GE CEO Jack Welch would have put it, it's yesterday's business."

2. Linux will be huge in China.
"A guy the Grouch knows who heads an IT department at a state-run Chinese publishing house came aboard and decided that he would migrate all of the publisher's electronic communications and Web sites to a Linux-based system. Because open source software is free, he said, the cost savings reaped by this change would be significant. His Chinese counterpart looked at him and said, with a straight face, "but in China, all software is free."

3. Piracy could be reduced in China if the government would just enforce some of its existing intellectual property laws.
"Until China creates an economically secular government, piracy will be the norm rather than the rule. Just like revaluing the renminbi, the Chinese government is not going to make a significant change unless there is a measurable benefit for China, and when it comes to stamping out piracy, at this point there just is not." Read more


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