Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Haier Leads FT Ranking of Chinese Brands

From FT.com: Haier tops China brand survey

"Haier, the maker of refrigerators, washing machines and other home appliances, has the strongest corporate brand of any Chinese company, according to a worldwide survey of Financial Times readers."

"The Qingdao-based company was voted top in all the categories in the survey, which measured perceptions of quality, trustworthiness, innovation and management, as well as branding. Lenovo, the company that this year acquired the personal computer business of International Business Machines, came second."

"Tsingtao Brewery, another consumer brand with an international presence, was in fourth place. But Huawei, the telecommunications equipment manufacturer, only managed ninth."

"Readers were also asked to rate the companies on brand awareness and to estimate their prospects for becoming leading global brands within 10 years. Haier came tenth in current awareness, but was ranked second for future potential behind Lenovo, whose acquisition of IBM's personal computer division brought it the rights to the Think trademark."

(China Net Investor: The third-ranked brand on the list: China Mobile)


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