Saturday, August 06, 2005

Novell Claims Linux Lead in China

From LinuxBusinessNews: Linux in China: Novell Has One-Third of the Entire Chinese Linux Server Market

"According to IDC's recent study "China Linux Market Analysis, 1H2005," Novell has garnered the largest market share in China's Linux Server Operating Environment for the first half of 2005. The report shows that Novell leads the industry by revenue with 32.9% market share and in unit shipments with 30%."

"Over the past year Novell has executed an aggressive growth strategy in China, and has bolstered operations in the region by appointing several new Linux experts, including Chang, who was previously IBM's director of Linux in the Greater China region. As part of its investment strategy, Novell has established partnerships with some of China's top IT companies, including CS2C, Huawei, Neusoft, AsiaInfo, and Skybility."

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