Wednesday, February 15, 2006

China Mobile Sparks 3GSM Talk

From WirelessWeek:

"The chairman and CEO of China's largest mobile operator created a stir at the 3GSM World Congress today when he started talking about revenue opportunities and subscriber growth.
Wang Jianzhou, speaking for the first time at the conference, said China Mobile in 2005 added 42 million subscribers, a number that is more than most operators in the world have for total subscribers. China Mobile's growth came at a rate of 3.9 million new subscribers per month in the last three months of 2005.

But the biggest audience reaction came when Wang talked about the money China Mobile is making off new services. He said the total revenue of mobile music in China last year surpassed the entire revenue of the traditional music industry. A single song was downloaded 15 million times over China Mobile's network in the last six months, a rate 15 times higher than a typical best-selling music CD, he said."


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