Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Veteran Chinese VCs: " Bubble Won’t Burst"

From Red Herring: Chinese Bubble Won’t Burst

"Leading venture capitalists and entrepreneurs weighed in Tuesday on the state of China’s technology economy in keynote addresses on the first day of the Red Herring Asia conference in Shanghai, as they downplayed the danger of a bubble bursting anytime soon."

"“Look at all the listed Chinese companies, with the exception of Baidu,” said Mr. Chao (managing director of Doll Capital Management). “Sina, Ctrip, 51Job—if you compare them to their U.S. counterparts like Travelocity for Ctrip, Monster for 51Job, Yahoo for Sina—and you look at their P/E multiples, the Chinese companies are trading much lower.”"

"With Chinese search engine Baidu’s recent Nasdaq listing and its 354 percent one-day leap, the three keynote speakers were each asked to frankly assess whether the company has been overvalued.
“In reality it’s being valued on what it will do 10 or 15 years from now,” said Mr. Chao. “It’s potentially overvalued. ... If I were a board member or shareholder, I would be nervous.”"


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