Tuesday, August 02, 2005

China's Top 3 Server Firms Market Share Falls

From Forbes: China's top 3 server firms Q2 market share falls amid competition

"China's top three server makers -- Langchao Group, Lenovo Group Ltd and Dawning Computer Corp -- saw their combined domestic market share shrink to 22.7 pct in the second quarter from 25 pct a year earlier, Beijing-based consulting firm Analysys International said. (...) The shrinking market share by domestic server makers was due to intensified competition by foreign penetration into the country's low-end product market, Analysys explained."

Market Shares (source: Analysiys International):
Dell Inc 21.9 pct share
IBM Corp 20.1 pct share
Hewlett-Packard Co 20 pct share
Langchao 8.5 pct share (down from 8.9 pct)
Lenovo 8.1 pct share (down from 9.6 pct)
Dawning 6.1 pct share (down from 6.5 pct)

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