Wednesday, June 08, 2005

UTStarcom/Cisco Announce Triple Play Partnership

From tmcnet: UTStarcom and Cisco Partner to Deliver Triple Play Services in Brazil

"CHICAGO, SUPERCOMM, -- UTStarcom, Inc. , a global leader in IP-based, end-to-end networking solutions and services, and Cisco Systems, Inc. , the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet, today announced a partnership to deliver triple play services -- high-speed data, voice-over-IP (VoIP) and television-over-IP (TVoIP) -- to the Brazilian market."

"As a part of the agreement, UTStarcom will provide its broadband and video solutions, which will be running over Cisco's IP-core, aggregation and metro-Ethernet infrastructure products. Cisco currently has a leadership position in all key IP network elements in Brazil, making it a great fit with UTStarcom's IP video products to create an end-to-end solution.A similar solution to the one being offered in Brazil is running today in Japan, where both UTStarcom and Cisco together play a similar role to provide an end-to-end triple-play solution to subscribers."


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