Thursday, June 02, 2005

Global Mobile Phone Giants Are Regaining Turf Lost to Chinese Manufacturers

From billingsgazette: Top cell-phone makers fight for sales in China

"Motorola, Nokia and other global mobile phone giants have made a comeback in China over the past year, regaining turf lost to Chinese manufacturers.

China is regarded as one of the most important mobile phone markets in the world. The nation already accounts for 10 percent of worldwide mobile phone sales, but less than 30 percent of consumers have them-meaning there is plenty of room for growth."

"Motorola and other global cell phone makers had traditionally been dominant in China. But a few years ago, Chinese manufacturers went on an offensive.
Their market share rose from 4 percent in 1999 to more than 36 percent by 2003, according to recent report by Gartner Inc. It has fallen since then, though Gartner doesn't specify how much. Analysts note that it is more difficult to measure market share in China than elsewhere.
But several other wireless industry analysts agree Chinese companies have lost ground, partly because Chinese consumers shifted towards higher-end phones made by Nokia, Motorola and Samsung."

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