Thursday, June 02, 2005

Lenovo: Dell Talks Trash

From Red Herring: Lenovo: Dell Talks Trash

"A Dell employee’s claim that Lenovo has monetary ties to the Chinese government sparked angry stories Wednesday in state-owned Chinese newspapers.

According to China Daily, an English-language newspaper based in Beijing, a Dell account manager named “Chris” sent an email to a customer saying that sales of IBM machines are “directly supporting/funding the Chinese government.”
Lenovo’s purchase of IBM’s PC division was finalized in May.

Though the comments were from one person whose full name has not been disclosed, the email has caused anger in a country trying to catch up economically and technologically with the West. Success stories like Lenovo are a matter of national pride in China, and governments do subsidize big corporations in the hopes that they will become global players with the same status as Western or Japanese rivals. An affront to these companies can be seen as an affront to China itself."

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