Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Accoona.com Unveils Chinese Business Search Engine

From ChinaTechNews: Accoona.com Unveils Chinese Business Search Engine

"Search engine Accoona.com has launched a business-related search engine that will offer Chinese users an online business database of millions of Chinese business records and company profiles from all over the globe.

Users throughout China now have one-click access to current business information, including business descriptions, contact names, phone and fax numbers, yearly sales, number of employees, company headquarters and branch/office locations."

From searchenginejournal: Accoona: Time to Worry?

"The earlier media attention centered on the fact that the company’s technology involves “artificial intelligence” (allegedly) and the fact that Bill Clinton performed the first search (they donated money to a Clinton-favored charity apparently). It’s also run by Eckhard Pfeiffer, the former CEO of Compaq. And it’s got a strong presence in China—one of its investors is China Daily Information Services, which operates the largest English-language Web site there.

All of those things are to varying degrees impressive. Yet, but for Accoona’s China connection, I’d be tempted to say “stick a fork in them”—to use the American colloquialism. Why?
I’m now repeating myself for the umpteenth time when I say that no search engine going head to head with Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Ask Jeeves, AOL, etc. will succeed unless it’s very obviously better. And Accoona is clearly not. Thus it’s not going to get more than 1% market share (if that)—ever."


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