Friday, August 11, 2006

FTBN — Fibre To Bloody Nowhere

From The Age:

"Hundreds of millions of Chinese in rural areas may not have clean water, but chances are they have mobile phone coverage and probably soon, access to the internet. Thanks to a central government policy instigated more than 20 years ago, China is rolling out a world-class telecommunications infrastructure that will ultimately connect every village to the internet.
Today, broadband connections are available in all major Chinese cities, not just Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and virtually no real estate is constructed without installing optic fibre cable."

""In many ways telecommunications here is better than in Europe and the US for sure," Eltschinger (CEO of IT United, a China-based software and outsourcing company) says. "I have been on the Tibet plateau and had better mobile reception than travelling from Dallas to Houston, where the coverage is crap."


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