Friday, August 04, 2006

Huawei Round Up

From cellular-news: Huawei Wins China Mobile GSM Contract

"China Mobile has awarded a GSM expansion contract to Huawei, for a mobile softswitch with a 30 million subscriber-capacity and more than 30 thousand TRXs in Q2 2006. According to the contract, Huawei will provide the EnerG GSM solution. The company will also provide its new generation GSM dual density BTS."

From TheStreet: Motorola, Huawei in UMTS Venture

"The companies will create a joint research and development center in Shanghai, where employees from both companies will work on development of the architecture and portfolio of products and services. The venture will cover the universal mobile telecommunications system, or UMTS, and high-speed packet access, or HSPA, technologies that underlie so-called third-generation wireless communications, enabling services such as email and Web browsing."


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