Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Microsoft Prepares to Launch MSN China

From PRNewswire: Microsoft Prepares to Launch MSN China

"MSN, theonline services division of Microsoft Corp., today announced it has formed a joint venture with Shanghai Alliance Investment Ltd. to launch MSN China.

The newly formed entity Shanghai MSN Network Communications Technology Company Ltd., which received approval from Chinese governmentagencies, is set to deliver popular and innovative MSN(R) products andservices to consumers throughout China.

Microsoft also unveiled plans to acquire certain assets of TSSX and enter into exclusive arrangements with the company, a prominent Chinese mobile software and services company, to provide the foundation for delivering enhanced MSN Mobile products and services to the Chinese market and globally.

Although many consumers in China's mainland already use the MSN Messenger instant messaging service and the MSN Hotmail(R) e-mail service in Chinese, the launch of the MSN China online portal planned for later this spring is expected to deliver a comprehensive online experience for China's consumers that integrates communications, information and content services."

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