Saturday, September 10, 2005

China Telecom Seeks to Block VoIP - Skype Blocked in Shenzhen

From Red Herring: Skype Blocked in China

" The Shenzhen branch of China Telecom, China’s largest telecommunications carrier, has begun blocking VoIP calls in a possible effort to stanch the massive loss of revenue it could sustain if a substantial percentage of that country’s 100 million Internet users switch their long-distance calling to services like Skype.

Reuters cited media reports and Internet postings as the source of its information that the Shenzhen branch of the former monopoly carrier has begun blocking Internet users from accessing Skype’s voice services within that city.

The news service also cites a report in the Shanghai Daily that China Telecom plans to block Skype’s service throughout the country, eventually. However, there was no confirmation of that unattributed report."

Read more:
Skype and Tom Online Create Chinese Joint Venture


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