Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Kai Fu Lee Follows His Heart to Googles Research Labs in China

From ZDNetblog: Kai Fu Lee: I need to follow my heart

"In the letter, which appeared on a Web site he uses to stay in touch with his students, Lee explains his reasons for making the switch from Microsoft to Google, a company that Bill Gates and team view as major threat. It's clear from his writing that Google's next-generation technology, research culture, and notion of doing good in the world attracted the Lee, who is best know for his work on speech recognition and directing research labs.
He doesn't explicitly say it, but he is divorcing Microsoft–the older, slower, more bureaucratic company–and following his heart, which led him to a new, younger company that is one of the leaders in delivering the new technology experience, unburdened by the past and hidden agendas.
Lee writes, "Microsoft is an outstanding company, and there are many things we can learn from it. But Google is a company that makes feel a shock. The reason Google gives me a shock is the passion for creating a new generation of technology. I found treasures in Google everywhere. The technology and products are way beyond just the search."
At the end of the letter, Lee gives his formula for why Google is his choice:youth + freedom + transparency + new model + the general public’s benefit + belief in trust = The Miracle of Google"

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Microsoft, Yahoo Reportedly Ready To Link Instant-Messaging Services (TechWeb via Yahoo! News)
Microsoft and Yahoo are expected to announce Wednesday interoperability between each other's instant messaging service, a move that could dramatically change a market that's been dominated by America Online Inc., a newspaper reported.

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