Sunday, August 21, 2005

IPTV in China: PCCW’s "Now TV" has over 440,000 Subscribers

From TelecomWeb: PCCW Soars On IPTV Growth

"Hong Kong telco PCCW profits soared by over 40 percent, and the net was up by 25 percent, in half-year results closely watched globally because of the carriers’ leading edge deployment of IPTV. The profits also reflected success by PCCW in largely stemming market share erosion in its fixed line business, after three years of seeing competitors grab large chunks of its business."

"At the end of June, PCCW’s now TV had over 440,000 subscribers, up 22 percent from 361,000 at the end of last year. It competes in the Hong Kong pay-TV market against operators such as i-Cable Communications, the leading cable operator in Hong Kong. Its success in the IPTV arena has shown the way for telcos worldwide as they begin deploying IPTV services and competing against satellite and cable pay-TV alternatives. The company believes its latest long-term exclusive agreements with HBO, STAR and Mei Ah Entertainment will give it an edge in it movie offerings."

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