Thursday, June 23, 2005

Asia Leading Global IPTV Revolution

Form Converge!: Why is Asia leading the Global IPTV Revolution?

"What may be surprising to many people is the fact that Asia is leading the IPTV revolution and is the fastest growing market for IPTV with subscribers set to double in the next 12 months (Source: Gartner, March 2005), followed by Europe and the U.S. as a distant third."

"While Asia as a region is far from homogeneous, there are a number of common factors across many countries which have provided a fertile ground for telecommunications operators here to venture into the IPTV arena."

"First of all, telcos in Asia tend to have the advantage to be well financed and to have existing connectivity to a much larger number of homes than other platforms such as cable or satellite."

"Secondly, Asia, and particularly China, is leading the world in broadband penetration growth, indicating that the bulk of global IPTV subscribers will come from this region. The broadband explosion in Asia is connected to the strong overall economic outlook for the region which is set to bring increased affluence to many countries in the coming years, fuelling growing entertainment consumption and demand for choice which is where IPTV with channel variety and on-demand capability can tap into."

"Thirdly, ADSL with at least 6.0 Mbps to households is more widespread in Asia (95% in Hong Kong) thanks in part to geographic densities."

"And finally, governments in many countries have embraced the broadband platform and are smoothing the way for the industry."


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