Friday, June 10, 2005

Huawei Accuses ZTE of Unfair Competition

From CRIonline: Huawei Files Complaint Against ZTE

"“Huawei has filed complaints to the China Chamber of Commerce in Nepal, claiming ZTE’s US$3.9 million bid for the national GSM network in Nepal in April was lower than actual production costs,” the Shanghai-based paper quoted the source as saying. For the same bid, Huawei’s proposal was US$12 million, the paper added."

"ZTE also won a national CDMA network from Nepal Telecom last November with a bid of US$29 million against Huawei’s US$42 million proposal. “It is very natural for companies to offer low prices on entering a country but as a dual-listed company in both China and Hong Kong, ZTE should not offer a price lower than production costs,” said a ZTE official who declined to be named."


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