Sunday, June 12, 2005

Deutsche Bank Expects China's Internet Travel Market to Take off

From Hotels: China's Internet travel market about to take off - Deutsche Bank

"China's travel market and Internet-based travel consolidators will experience strong and steady growth in the next few years, driven by increasing independent travel and China's robust economic growth, Deutsche Bank said."

"China's leading online travel consolidators, Ctrip and eLong, currently hold two to three pct of the travel market but are poised to capture the lion's share of market growth.
'We believe that the leading travel consolidators are well positioned to eventually dominate the entire travel industry in China,' the brokerage said in a research report."

"Ctrip, which Deutsche Bank estimates holds 50 pct of the market for hotel bookings, and rival eLong which holds 20-25 pct, will dominate the market due to their control of hotel supply and air ticket and hotel room demand as well as an industry-wide move from tour-group travel to independent travel."


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I used Ctrip for hotel and vacation booksing and summarized my experience at:


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