Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Major 3G Service Vendors Cooperate with Chinese Partners to Deliver TD-SCDMA Products

From DigiTimes: Major 3G service vendors ready to grab a share in China’s 3G market

"With the recent signing of a strategic alliance agreement between Ericsson and China-based ZTE Corporation to develop time division synchronous CDMA (TD-SCDMA) products in China, the world’s leading telecom service companies are poised to take a share of China’s upcoming 3G market, according to sources at Taiwan networking equipment makers.
Ericsson is the fourth of the world’s leading vendors, trailing Siemens (with Huawei), Alcatel (w. Datang Mobile) and Nortel Networks (w. China Putian), to sign a cooperation agreement with a Chinese partner to deliver TD-SCDMA products.

TD-SCDMA is a 3G technology developed by the Chinese, is competing with the WCDMA and CDMA2000 standards for 3G service licenses in China, the sources noted.
Ericsson and its competitors alike are all planning to launch TD-SCDMA related products and equipment in mid-2005, the sources noted."

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