Friday, May 20, 2005

China Auction Wars Episode III Part 6 - Revenge of the Taobao

From Forbes: Alibaba CEO says Taobao will dominate China online auctions

"China's online auction market is large enough to support two major players, but will take the lion's share of the segment, Jack Ma, the chief executive of, told XFN-Asia.

'The market is so big and so complicated, so probably we'll have at least two big players... I think Taobao in the future will get 70 pct (of the market) and EBay definitely will get 20 or 30 pct,' he said."

"At present, Taobao has 7.5 mln product listings, which is 20 times higher than Ebay China's, Ma said. In addition, EBay China must adhere to EBay's global platform, Ma said. This means that any China-specific adjustments to the site must be cleared with EBay in the US, which hinders the company's ability to produce a business truly tailored for the Chinese market. 'I think the global platform for EBay China, that's a bad thing,' he said."
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China Net Investor: eBay's view on the chinese auction market

"eBay Inc dominated China's online auction industry with an estimated 80 pct market share through Shanghai-based Eachnet last year. Whitman (CEO and President of eBay) said the company is adding an 'unprecedented' million regular users a quarter to its China operations."

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