Tuesday, May 24, 2005

China Gets Blogged - Edwyn Chan's Blog Experiment

From Wired News: Ready or Not, China Gets Blogged

China Net Investor:
Last month, during the anti-Japanese protests in China, Edwyn Chan wanted to let people across the news-starved massive country to keep track of unfolding events and believed this was an opportunity to see whether blogs, which have not yet caught on in China, could translate.
Within four days of launching kangri.blogku.com, he drew upwards of 10,000 people - and the attention of Gong An, the Chinese internet police, who promptly told him to continue as long as he keeps it tame.

"Now the 24-year-old Chan, who has a business degree from New York University, is hoping to build a blog empire in China. His model? None other than Nick Denton, the Rupert Murdoch (without the money) of the weblog set, who started the Gawker Network, operator of meanie gossip rag Gawker; Gizmodo, which feeds gadget lust; and Wonkette, the Dorothy Parker of the web set.
Chan's media network already has three blogs up and running, including Dianziren, which covers consumer electronics; a humor blog called Shuanga; and Jiaexp, a site for gamers. He also has plans for two more: one for women that would be about beauty and cosmetics, the other he hopes could mimic Gawker (except it would be funny)."

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