Thursday, May 05, 2005

Interview With Lenovo Co-Founder Liu Chuanzhi: With Lenovo, from Legend to IBM

From MSNBC: With Lenovo, from Legend to IBM

The pioneering Chinese PC maker's co-founder Liu Chuanzhi discusses the merger and reflects on the changes needed to move onto a global stage

"Q: What does Lenovo's acquisition of IBM's PC business mean for China and its development?
A: A Chinese company has several choices when it decides to enter the international market. One approach is ours: to purchase part of another company. Our acquisition demonstrates a good way for Chinese companies to globalize. This kind of approach can bring confidence and pride to all Chinese people.
Our acquisition is also significant because it is a case of not only Chinese products going to the international markets but also one where a Chinese company is striving for an international level of performance, with an international board and an international management team, with an international vision for the company. "

"Q: Lenovo decided to make an American the first CEO and to locate the company in the U.S. Did you struggle with that decision?
A: It was not a difficult decision for us. All of us agreed when we were choosing our CEO that we would choose the best one possible, no matter what nationality he or she might be, and this decision was made according to the interests of our shareholders. We want to establish a global company, so it is very natural to find a global CEO for our company.
The situation was quite similar in choosing the location of our headquarters. We originally considered having two headquarters, but we realized we need to send a strong, clear message to our investors. So we choose a global location for our headquarters. "

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