Wednesday, May 04, 2005

In Technology Race, China Has Powerful Strategy

From MercuryNews: In technology race, China has powerful strategy

"They graduate four times as many engineers as we do.
They lavish generous tax breaks on tech firms.
They support local manufacturers.
They don't respect intellectual property.

They, of course, refers to China. And the gripes from Silicon Valley business leaders capture in stark and accurate terms the key underpinnings of the growing tech rivalry between the United States and China.
None of these things happened by accident. They happened because China has something that the United States lacks and badly needs: a national technology policy."

"The country long ago made a strategic decision that technology was paramount to its development and put in place a systematic policy to create a world-class technology sector. It sometimes runs roughshod over trade agreements or international law, which is wrong. But on the whole, the policy is simply smart."

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