Monday, May 30, 2005

Chinese Universities as R&D Partners for Foreign Tech Companies

From cnet: Setting the stage for China's tech future

"Technology companies collaborate with academic researchers all the time.
So the fact that Intel's recently introduced Pentium Extreme Edition chip boasts an ultrafast compiler that resulted from a research partnership with a major university isn't so surprising.

What is a bit of an eye-opener-—at least for people who haven't paid close attention to corporate R&D trends—-is the identity of Intel's academic partner: not Stanford, MIT or Cambridge, but Tsinghua University in Beijing."

"Tsinghua, often referred to as "the MIT of China," is generally acknowledged as the leader in R&D projects with foreign companies. With good reason: It ranks at or near the top of the field in China in a wide array of tech disciplines, including computer architecture, communications and software."

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