Friday, May 27, 2005

China 3G Standard TD-SCDMA Makes Buzz on Foreign Shores

From Reuters: China 3G standard makes buzz on foreign shores

"A China-developed standard for third-generation (3G) mobile phones (TD-SCDMA) is creating buzz in the West, winning the ears of carriers and equipment makers who want cheaper technology and an inside line to the world's biggest telecoms market."

"The standard, TD-SCDMA, has already picked up varying degrees of interest over the last year from top equipment makers, including Motorola, Nortel Networks, Siemens, Nokia and Alcatel .
Sweden's Ericsson, the world's biggest producer of mobile networks, jumped on the bandwagon last week when it announced a strategic alliance with ZTE Corp., China's second-largest telecoms equipment maker, to develop the technology."

"The focus in 3G remains on the world's two tested standards, WCDMA and CDMA 2000, although pricey 3G technology has been slow to catch on in the marketplace, despite its promise of fast Internet connections, videoconferencing and online gaming."

"Europe has finally begun moving in earnest to build WCDMA-based networks, but analysts said TD-SCDMA is attracting attention from companies eager to please Beijing, as it gears up to build 3G systems, and to find lower-cost alternatives."

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