Sunday, May 29, 2005

Asia Will Become Biggest 3G-Telecomm Market in The World

From China Economic Net: Panning for gold in the telecom market

"Asia will become the biggest 3G-telecomm market in the world and the drive force of the 3G's future development will generate in Asia, especially in China, but not in North America or Europe. Such common agreement has been reached by the personages in the telecom field attending this Fortune global forum."

"When the 3G is launched, will the case in the 2G age repeat that the great majority quotas were taken away by the foreign companies? In the 2G ages, because the domestic companies started late, more than 90 percent of the market quotas were occupied by foreign companies such as Motorola, Ericsson, Nokia and Siemens…etc. Almost all the domestic companies became the on-lookers for a more than 200 billion (chinese yuan) market. It's reported that the 3G network construction will arouse a market of nearly one trillion (chinese yuan), and no one hopes that domestic companies are still out of play this time."

"Currently, both the ZTE Corporation and the Quidway Technology Co., Ltd., which respectively has a short history of 20 years and 17 years, have displayed the considerable strength in the GSM, CDMA and 3G fields, and occupied certain market quotas."

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