Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Chinese Equipment Vendor Huawei on a Roll - Deepens DSLAM Penetration

From Lightreading: Huawei Deepens DSLAM Penetration

"Chinese equipment vendor Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. is on a roll these days and the threat it poses to incumbent equipment vendors is clear from the latest analyst figures. In the battle for market share, Huawei is rapidly closing in on vendors like Alcatel, the long-time DSLAM equipment leader.

In its "Broadband Quarterly Shipments Analysis," Dittberner Associates Inc. reports Huawei’s DSLAM port shipments increased during the first quarter by 21.77 percent compared with the fourth quarter of last year, despite the overall market remaining flat.

That growth came at Alcatel's expense, as its shipments fell by 19.37 percent during the same period, and boosted Huawei to the number 2 position in the market."

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