Tuesday, May 17, 2005

PiperJaffray and Goldman Sachs On Shanda's Q1

From billsdue (weblog on Chinese gaming market): Research reports On Shanda's Q1

Piper Jaffray (Raises 12 month target to 59):
"It is hard to find a stronger pipeline anywhere else in the online game sector in China (or elsewhere), and it is hard to find a more solid business model than Shanda's. Margins keep improving every quarter while the company's operating expenses are becoming smaller as a percentage of revenues. As such, we feel more confident in our position that Shanda should be asolid holding for China investors, possibly comprising their largest holding." Download report

Goldman Sachs (Raises 12 month target to 39):
"We still view all the Chinese game operators as at risk of slower qoq revenue growth in 2Q and 3Q due to their users migrating away to WoW. However, we believe Shanda should be well placed to reignite growth post WoW (World of Warcraft - to be launched soon by online game operator the9)" Download report


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