Saturday, April 16, 2005

China-India Entente Shifts Global Balance

From China-India Entente Shifts Global Balance

"The global deployment of high-speed internet communication renders geography almost irrelevant: anything that can be done digitally can be done equally well from any location on the globe. For example, software development is no longer confined to Seattle or Silicon Valley; it can be produced in Bangalore for customers in Silicon Valley just as easily as it can be produced in the Valley itself. By the same token, express delivery by FedEx or UPS and supply-chain management allow products to be manufactured and delivered to any spot on the planet within 36 hours.
As a result of these developments, China has overwhelmingly become the location of choice for global manufacturing, and India is fast becoming the preferred place for production of software and the handling of outsourced business services. Not only that, but both countries are also racing not to the bottom, but to the top of the value-technology chain. They can do the most sophisticated technology at a fraction of the costs in the West and developed Asia."

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