Friday, April 15, 2005

More from Henry Blodget - The Best China Investment Strategy

From Slate: The Best China Investment Strategy - Forget about it.
By Henry Blodget

"You can't take it anymore. All this yammering about how much money everyone is making in China. (You don't know anyone actually making money in China, but from what you read, hear, and see, you gather everyone is.) Real estate, cell phones, video games, chewing gum, cement—1.3 billion people, it seems, are in the process of striking it rich. And China is not some silly hallucination like the Internet. China is … China—the next great economic superpower, the biggest growth story in the history of the world. You can't afford to miss it."

"'ve probably been daydreaming about the fortune to be made in China stocks.
Well, keep dreaming."

"You still want to know how you, Joe Laowai, can put some money to work in the latest-greatest-surefire investment scheme the world has ever seen. You'll probably be sorry, but it can be done—with difficulty."

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China Net Investor: Henry Blodget, the disgraced bubble-era analyst, is now a columnist for the online magazine Slate. He has written recently about business and investment in China: Go East, Young Man Where's My $58 Million, Madame Wu? Caged Hedgehogs, Car Smugglers, and Guanxi The Real "Great Leap Forward"


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