Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Coming Age of Chinese Multinationals

From The coming age of Chinese multinationals

" ... oil giants are clearly ahead of the curve of China Inc in terms of international expansion, but several others are not far behind. Take China Mobile and China Unicom for example. They hold sway over China's mobile communication market because private companies are barred.
China is already the biggest mobile phone market. By February 2005, it had 340 million connections. With billions in cash and 330 million consumers on hand, China Mobile and China Unicom can go a long way. Perhaps one day word will spread that Qwest and French Telecom have been sold. The buyers? China Mobile and China Unicom? After the IBM-Levono deal, anything is possible."

"There are dozens of relatively new, entrepreneurial Chinese companies more than eager to trot the globe. These include TCL, Huawei, Haier, Galanz, Chonghong, Ningbo Bird, Kelon and Konka, among others. They are all manufacturers, still growing, and wanting to expand beyond China. TCL, Chonghong and Haier focus on white goods and consumer electronics. They have now added telephone handsets to their product list. Huawei and Ningbo Bird focus on handsets or telecom networks. One out of three handsets in the world is produced by Ningbo Bird and TCL and other Chinese companies."

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