Friday, March 11, 2005

China’s telecom hardware maker ZTE On A Roll

From TelecomWeb: China’s ZTE On A Roll: Wins ADSL Deal At France Telecom

"Chinese telecom hardware maker ZTE has snagged a global ADSL supply deal from France Telecom, the latest in a string of victories outside of China for the fast-growing company. The France Telecom deal, whose estimated value was not disclosed, most recently follows R&D deals with Portugal Telecom and Intel and an OEM agreement with Alcatel covering ZTE’s CDMA radio access products, all announced since the beginning of this year."

"According to ZTE president Ying Yimin international sales at ZTE, have soared over the past year and in 2004 accounted for 40% of the company’s revenue, up 169.5 per cent from 2003. “This year we will continue our globalization strategy and introduce more of our products and services to international markets,” Yimin said." Read more


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Interesting picture of zoroastrianism


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