Tuesday, March 08, 2005

China close to collapse in 2015? Read this report

From U.S. Newswire: China's Economic Bubble about to Collapse, Experts Warn

According to Strategic Forecasting Inc. (STRATFOR) "China's furious economic growth in recent years has created a bubble economy that is on the verge of collapse (...) with an estimated $500 billion in bad debts threatening its banking system, rapidly rising unemployment, rampant government corruption and mismanagement, and foreign investment dwindling. "

For the period till 2015 STRATFOR expects an "increase in internal tensions, social upheaval and violence, which the central government in Beijing may be unable to control after 2008."

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At 11:39 AM, Anonymous viagra online said...

China will collapse in 2015??? hahaha that is hilarious because China is one of the most important economic giants in the world and I do not think that China will collapse, but USA will


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