Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Baido & Google: Chinese desktop search tools released

From China Daily: Google, Baidu release Chinese desktop search tools

Baidu and Google Inc. have released new Chinese-language programs to search the labyrinthine hard drives of computers for users who accumulate so much data that they cannot find those data themselves.

"The free, downloadable service from Baidu can trawl personal computer hard drives for documents, art, MP3s and executable files with more depth than search functions that come with operating systems, said Cynthia He, a Baidu spokeswoman."

"Baidu, which has 75 million page views daily, spent half a year to develop the software..."

"On Monday, Google's new Chinese-language desktop search service also became available, according to Chinese media."

Google bought a minority share in Baidu last year to enter the China market.

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