Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Wave of No-Name, Low-Cost Consumer Devices Hits U.S. Shores: TCL, Haier, X2, Norcent, Chi Mei

From ElectronicBUSINESSonline: The clone wars - A wave of no-name, low-cost consumer devices hits U.S. shores

"There's a virtual stampede into the U.S. market by Asian companies that are capitalizing on the fact that most consumer electronics devices are now built with standard digital components. Some of the largest manufacturers in China, such as TCL and Haier, are preparing to enter the U.S. consumer market in a big way and are forming strategic relationships with key chip suppliers. At the same time, other, lesser-known but nonetheless powerful Asian companies (X2, Norcent, Chi Mei) are forming partnerships and testing various supply chain and retail marketing strategies, in search of the magic mix of low cost, good quality and brand-name recognition that will entice U.S. consumers to buy their CE "clones."

"Although these new companies all have similar cost advantages, they also face similar barriers to the U.S. market. For one thing, they have little credibility and brand recognition with American consumers." Read more


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