Monday, February 14, 2005

Ningbo Bird selects Trolltech's Qtopia Software for Linux-based Mobile Phones

From LinuxElectons: Over 50 Vendors Developing Linux Devices with Trolltech Software

"Ningbo Bird, the largest domestic supplier of mobile phones in China, has selected Trolltech's Qtopia as the software platform for all its Linux-based mobile phones. Ningbo Bird is targeting the launch of its first handset build on Linux and Qtopia, the E899 smartphone, for Q2 2005." Read more

More on China's biggest handset manufacturer (older stories):
From Hello, Ningbo - Motorola is losing its hold on China's mobile phone market. The little local startup that has Moto's number: Ningbo Bird.
From Technology Business Research: Uh-Oh, Ningbo
From BusinessWeekOnline: How Ningbo Bird Became a High-Flier


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