Friday, February 11, 2005

Betting on the next Lenovo - new giants in the making

From Asia Times: Betting on the next Lenovo

"December 2004 will be remembered as a time when a faceless Chinese company, Lenovo, suddenly took the global stage. The bluest of blue-chip multinationals, IBM, got out of its personal computer business by selling out to Lenovo, making the faceless company the third-biggest global PC player. So are there other Chinese brands that could take the world by storm? A rising economy must create multinationals. The UK and US have done it. Japan and South Korea have followed. Now it's China's turn. "

"There are dozens of relatively new, more entrepreneurial Chinese companies. They are more than eager to trot the globe. These include TCL, Huawei, Haier, Galanz, Chonghong, Ningbo Bird, Kelon, and Konka, among others. They are all manufacturers, still growing, and have a penchant for expansion beyond China. TCL, Chonghong and Haier focus on white goods and consumer electronics. They have now added handsets to their product list. Huawei and Ningbo Bird focus on handsets or telecom networks. One out of three handsets in the world is produced by Ningbo Bird and TCL." Read more


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