Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Myth Of Uncertainty With Chinese Portals

From ChinaTechNews: The Myth Of Uncertainty With Chinese Portals

"But there was bad news and here's how Sina summed it all up in its press release this week: "..there is greater uncertainty as to these financial projections at this time than there has been in recent prior quarters" Don't you just love this word "uncertainty"? If there ever is a euphemism in the financial world, this is it. From the beginning of life on this earth, there has always been uncertainty about the future."

"Why doesn't Sina just be honest and call it like it is? This is not a problem of uncertainty, this is a problem of pessimism. Or better yet, this is a problem of Sina knowing that the gig might be up. The brief window of benign regulation that has existed in the Chinese Internet world the last few years is closing. And Sina can sense it. And so can investors. Perhaps that is why Sina's stock price was hit so hard this week with Sina's announcement."Read more


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