Friday, February 04, 2005

G-7 CEOs see rise of China, India predators: Huawei, ZTE

From The Financial Express: G-7 CEOs see rise of China, India predators

"The two most populous countries in the world are generating economic growth rates that create not only business openings for Western firms but also a new breed of fast-growing local companies that may soon challenge the global titans."

“There are some small (Chinese) telecom companies that manufacture equipment, like Huawei and ZTE. They don’t compare with the Ericssons, Motorolas or the Siemens and Lucents of the world,” Vodafone’s Sarin said. “In four to five years, I can actually imagine the ZTEs and the Huaweis becoming much larger, and to be candid with you, I won’t be surprised if they end up buying some of these companies.” Read more


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